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Evert Latin

A typeface that breaks the mould!

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Styles48 Static - 1 Variable

Range3 optical sizes, 8 weights + italics

DesignerKostas Bartsokas

Dedicated ❦ Sensation
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Font Details

Welcome to the world of Evert, a typeface that breaks the mould while respectfully nodding to its classic roots. Like a themed rollercoaster it invites you on a ride over the plains of the early grotesques, into the tunnels of mechanical essence, up on the hills of the experimental, and over the district of contemporary modernity. This clearly isn’t your grandma’s typeface!

Evert invites you to explore a whole new world of expressive design. It’s like a dance party where style and functionality bust a move in the most delightfully grotesque way. It’s genetic makeup holds the essence of Miller and Richard’s Grotesque No.1, mixed with hints of inspiration from Roger Excoffon’s Antique Olive and Evert Bloemsma’s FF Balance. The result is a unique blend of subtle rigidity and humanistic elegance, a quirky concoction of tradition and innovation, where every element adds its own spark to the typographic feast.

Evert supports Latin and Greek and offers goodies such as localised forms, old-style numerals, tabular numerals, and discretionary ligatures. It comes in 48 styles and 3 optical sizes – text for your lengthy documents, display for wowing your crowds, and plain Evert for when you want the best of both worlds. So go ahead, unleash your inner typographic maverick and let Evert be your partner in crime on this epic journey.

Designed by
Kostas Bartsokas
Script Support
48 Styles (3 optical sizes, 8 weights + italics)
Available Formats
Available in .otf, .ttf, and .woff2

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