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Foundry 5
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We are specialists in type design and production for world scripts, offering bespoke solutions and flexible licensing options.

Kostas Bartsokas, Mohamad Dakak, Jason Harcombe, and Pria Ravichandran developed friendships based on their shared interest in type. Foundry5 extends this relationship that leverages their varied capacities, offering bespoke solutions for an ever-expanding global context of type and typography. Foundry5 has its vision set on the future of worldwide design and communication challenges, with the philosophy that all scripts are individually significant and equally receptive to exciting design possibilities.

22 Dykes Bower Court, 301 Arbury Road, CB4 2JZ, Cambridge, UK
+44 1306 770177
Mohamad Dakak

Mohamad Dakak

Mo is a type designer and PhD researcher. He studied visual communication at Damascus University and holds an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. He has worked as a graphic designer in several countries in the Middle East and currently specialises in Arabic type design.

Dr. Pria Ravichandran

Dr. Pria Ravichandran

Pria is an alumni of the University of Reading having completed a Masters degree as well as a doctoral research. She focuses her design practice on south Indian scripts. She held the position of Chief Design Officer at URW Typefoundry and has collaborated with Monotype and Google.

Kostas Bartsokas

Kostas Bartsokas

Kostas is a type designer and font engineer. He holds an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading and has worked as a senior type designer at URW and as a freelancer consultant and designer, creating original typefaces and expanding script support to Greek and Cyrillic.

Jason Harcombe

Jason Harcombe

Jason makes working with type easy. He simplifies licensing, lowers costs and enables brands and creatives to use the fonts they need in any environment. He is an expert in every commercial aspect of the font industry and tailors Foundry5’s solutions to the need of our clients.


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